Torre dei Segnali di Viarigi

The village of Viarigi tops a hill in the Basso Monferrato.
The village is laid out in concentric blocks, radiating from where a castle once stood, next to the tower. The village was originally enclosed by a wall, parts of which are still visible.
The toponym has been documented back to 1041. Between 1274 and 1316 the village was the subject of contention between the Marquis of Monferrato and the Alessandrians, whose invasion in 1316 resulted in the destruction of the castle, which was never rebuilt. The tower is the symbol of the village, and appears in the crest of the municipality. From here, documents say, "they communicated by means of fire, smoke and mirrors."
The 25-metre-tall brick tower is divided into five floors. It has single-lancet windows and is topped by a cornice with three orders of Lombard bands and Ghibelline crenellations. It has a covered, accessible terrace and characteristic barrel and sail vaults inside.
Not far away is the Sant'Agata parish church, of 14th-century origin, whose artworks include a triptych painted by Gandolfino and a Sacred Family by Ursula Caccia, the daughter of Guglielmo Caccia, known as il Moncalvo.


13 maggio: Castelli Aperti, open 15.30-18.00. Guided tours and special events.

Viarigi is famous for Saltimpiazza, a Festival of circus, magic and performing arts (August).


29 April;
13 and 27 May;
24 June;
29 July;
26 August;
30 September;
28 October.

In case of bad weather the Tower may be closed.

Open by appointment for visitors and groups.


Free admission.

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