Torre del Conte Ballada di Saint Robert a Castagnole delle Lanze

From the top of the tower, that the Count of Saint Robert had built in 1880 during the years of his stay in Castagnole Lanze we can admire a splendid 360 ° view of the Alps from Monte Rosa to the Maritime Alps, the hills of Monferrato, and Langa until the Ligurian Apennines. After the tour we recommend especially on hot summer days, a break in the shade of ancient trees that encircle the Park.
The count of Saint Robert important promoter of the scientific culture, scholar of the military technology among the most distinguished ones of its time, he succeeded in combining pure and applied science, art and social interest into one of the most elevated synthesis. He has the merit of having kept high the scientific prestige abroad of recently born Kingdom of Italy.


Fruit of research carried out by the Cultural Association, the museum dedicated to the Count of Saint Robert winds along the Memorial Park to the tower. Five shaped panels and an imposing sculptures tell to visitor the history of the site, the biography of the personage, his interests: botany and entomology, his passions; the mountain. Inside the tower, we find the reproduction of his works and the exhibition of the scientific synthesis on contents and on the meaning of his studies: ballistics, artillery, thermodynamics, mechanics and hypsometry.


Local sights:
Piazza Giovannone where you can see the “tops” which are located in the old part of the village: the bell towers of St. Peter Church, the Beaten Church (Chiesa dei Battuti) and the Tower.
On the northern side of the square you can see the painting “Madonna della Misericordia” by the painter Gabriella Piccato
via Ener Bettica, the arcades on the right
Piazza Marconi and the monumental St. Peter Church
piazza Balbo and the White Beaten Church
via Auberti with its rural homes dated back to the 18th century
Walking along via Ruscone to the small Square where the town Hall is located, you can see some eighteenth-century villas such as Villa Alfieri, which was a family property of the popular writer Vittorio Alfieri
Along the majestic bell tower of St. Peter Church you are back on piazza Marconi, on this small old streets and squares you can see the typical paving called “sternia”
At the end you can visit the Bottega del vino via Ener Bettica 7
The Churc of Saint Peter in Chains. Construction of baroque Ligurian – Piedmontese style begun in 1861, was consecrated in 1701. The interior has a single nave with some side altars, it preserves the high altar with the presbytery and marble balustrade commissioned by Count Carlo Giacinto Alfieri, some frescos and stucco gold decoration of extraordinary beauty. The current facade dates back to early 1900.

In the area: Asti city center, Alba and Langhe – Roero castles; Neive, Barbaresco; Alta Langa Astigiana

Typical products: local wines Dolcetto, d'Alba, Moscato d’Asti and Barbera d'Asti; hazelnut Nocciola Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, cheeses, salami, truffle and mushrooms
Sports: “pantalera” (palla a pugno)

Events: festa del Santo Patrono San Bartolomeo – 24 August


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