Castello Pinchia di Banchette

The castle is situated on the western frontier of Ivrea territory, bordering with Dora Baltea river on east. Its history, such as the village of Banchette one, has always been closely related to the history of Ivrea, following its fate during the Middle Ages. The castle was built on a morainic island to control the way going from Fiorano to Ivrea, passing beneath the Mount Liggiero. The building dates back prior to the XII century, but the site has probably been a Romans' fortress before. Later enlarged with a tower in order to increase castle defense, it was damaged in many times by soldiers of fortune and Spanish and French soldieries, up to be reduced to some merlon walls in the middle of 1800. This is the age of renovation, when the Pinchia family, who obtained the earl's title from Vittorio Amedeo II in 1722, restored the ruins left. The last and most known representative of the family was Emilio Pinchia, politician, famous writer and poet, to whom the king granted in 1904 the title of Count of Banchette. At the end of XIX century, the Count wished to realize a residence divided into many different locations suitable for both representation and many families residence purposes, entrusting the renovation to Ottavio Germano, collaborator of the well-known Alfredo D'Andrade, who gave the castle the current structure.


The visit includes the castles and the beatiful garden.



The castle of Banchette went through centuries of history and adventures, giving your events a charming uniqueness. Following the wonderful tree-lined boulevard you will be astonishingly surprised when, after a last turn into the green, the majestic bastion appears, dominated by the tower and the graduated swallowtail merlons, peculiarity of the castle itself. The balcony of the noble garden offers an extraordinary view on river Dora, one of the most beautiful river of Italy, and its breath-taking nature.

A lot of suggestive corners will be the perfect scene for photography service or special moments of the ceremony, both into the castle and the park. Castle premises are available for restaurateurs and caterers you choose for your parties and receptions. The reservation of the location will be exclusive for weddings, private parties, ceremonies, events and meetings. Possibility to celebrate into the castle legally valid civil marriage.


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