Castello di Monastero Bormida

Originally the castle was a monastery, its tower serving as the bell tower. Over the course of the 15th century, an initial defensive structure was added by the marquises of Carretto, followed by successive renovations and extensions, like the medieval arch that unites the castle to the tower. The 27-metre-high tower, in Lombard style, has friezes and Lombard bands in brick and stone. The castle now has a 17th-century facade with a 16th-century loggia behind, which is also open to visitors. In the middle of the 19th century the Carretto family handed the property over to the Della Rovere family, who were followed by the Polleri family of Genoa, who then sold it to the municipality, the current owner. 
Opposite the castle is the characteristic bridge, and to access the interior it is necessary to go through the old entrance gate in the ancient curtain wall. 
The visit starts by following the castle's exterior perimeter, to understand its design and the history of the structure over the centuries. It continues inside, on the main floors, whose rooms, transformed in the 17th century, have mosaic floors, groined and cross-vaulted ceilings and floral and geometric frescoes. The halls are home to the recently opened farming museum. The visit continues with the upper walkways and concludes in the spacious cellars.




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